Logo Design

We offer 2 types of logo for your selection.

Alphabetical logotype. No graphic elements are used during the creation of these logos. The logo is formed entirely from different combinations of fonts.

Graphic logotype. In this kind of logos, a symbol is created next to the name of the company, which represents its activity or according to the first letter of the company's name.

When designing a logo, we always take into account the following requirements.


The logo for the company should be remembered for the first time by customer and reflect the activity of the company.


The logo for your company should not be repeated and should not resemble the logos of other companies. The logo should be your company's identification code.

Simple shape

Everything is hidden in simplicity. Simpler your company logo is, more memorable your company's recognition will be.

Comfortable to use

When designing the logo, it should be taken into consideration that the logo is readable on all electronic and other advertising media.

Logo Guideline

We create not only the logo, but also the rules for using the logo. These rules will help improve the corporate attitude towards your company.

Logo philosophy

Logo is a company philosophy. Explaining this philosophy to others is one way to promote a company. Only professional designers can tell how this philosophy was created.