CRM Platforms

What is CRM Platform?

CRM is a platform where all the data about your customers is collected. This platform aims to turn the customer using your company's services or products into a permanent customer. Using the CRM platform, you can easily analyze customer behavior and expand your business.

Advantages of the CRM system:

Collect customer data

Keep track of all your customer data together on a single platform.

Get to know your customers

Get to know closely your customers through the CRM system and discover ways to turn  them into the repeat customers.

Manage your budget

Choose the marketing steps that are useful to you based on the CRM system results, and adjust your annual marketing budget correctly.


Carry out a variety of analyzes using the extensive technical capabilities provided by the CRM system and formulate the company's future strategy.

Increase your sales

Analyze the information provided by the CRM system and increase the company's product and service sales further.

Don’t miss data

Avoid losing data by sharing customers of employees who have already left the company among other employees.


Types of CRM systems:

For the functionality of the system:

- CRM for Services Management;

- CRM for Sales Management;

- CRM for marketing activities management.

For data processing levels:

- Analytic CRM (Report Preparation and Data Analysis);

- Operation CRM (Initial data input and output);

- Collaborative CRM (Providing mutual relations with the customer).

CRM for varied industries

Finance and Investment
Real Estate

Note. The preparation of CRM systems by Marcom are regulated by a confidentiality agreement between the parties. For this reason, we are not able to provide any visual portfolios by type of service.