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IT and marketing companies come together


Azerbaijani IT company Crocusoft and marketing communication company Marcom have agreed on joint cooperation.

Crocusoft's director Rufat Babakishiyev said that the relationship between the two companies will yield positive results in many projects.

“The activities of Marcom Marketing and Communications, the steps taken to educate entrepreneurs in the marketplace, have always caught our attention. Although we work in different areas, we have a common mission, so I believe this cooperation will bring positive results for market participants and both sides. We've always been interested in working with companies that focus on innovation and strives for excellence.  The services created and offered by Marcom to the market are in line with the standards clients are looking for. As Crocusoft, we can easily offer these services to our clients. The result of this cooperation will ensure that the projects we implement together will be of better quality. "

Jeyhun Farzaliyev, CEO of Marcom Marketing and Communications, said this collaboration was a new beginning.

“We are closely following the work of Crocusoft for government agencies and other market participants. Many technological solutions developed by the company serve to simplify and automate the work of both customers and marketing companies. We highly value these efforts. I believe that our cooperation will open up new opportunities for both sides. As Marcom, we are ready to mobilize the resources at our disposal for quality work on all projects that we will implement together.”

We want to note that the parties will support each other in programming, branding, web and mobile application development, Google SEO optimization, email marketing, content marketing, graphic design, outsourcing services when carrying out projects.