Home News Marcom Unveiled A New Packaging Design For A Local Company

Marcom unveiled a new packaging design for a local company


Marcom introduced new product packaging designs to the local market from Besting, a food and food raw materials manufacturer.

Marcom's CEO Jeyhun Farzaliyev said his collaboration with Besting was not the first.

“We're thrilled to be working with Besting to create a different design concept for consumers to eat healthier. We have partnered with Besting, a company that has been working to change people's tastes, for almost 2 years now. In total, we presented the company with 3 different design concepts. The packaging designs we prepare for the company are completely different from the design concepts of other brands on the local market. We are confident the packaging design of the 23 products we created for the company will represent the company in overseas markets in the future. The company is currently communicating with the country's leading market chains to introduce its products to consumers. Soon customers will be able to receive the products from several retail chains. "

It should be noted that during the pandemic, the company's need for marketing audit, outsourcing, content marketing services has grown significantly. The company is currently working on new services for next year.