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Marcom completed work on a mortgage project


Continuing to increase its market share in content marketing, Marcom has completed its work on the long-standing mortgage platform.

According to the executive director of the company Jeyhun Farzaliyev, the presented site will take its rightful place in the real estate market.

“This platform is the result of more than 10 people working together from both sides. The development of the project took a long time due to research, analysis of user behavior, design, functionality and integration. The site's admin panel is completely based on new technology. The admin panel we offer not only provides the customer with a wide range of technical options but also simplifies its interface. In the future, we plan on adding changes or new functions to the web platform, depending on user behavior. The site is also fully adapted for mobile devices. We are confident the web platform we have developed will help users and companies interested in the real estate sector. "

BHB Director Shaban Asadli said the mortgage project will define a new direction in the real estate sector.

“Our goal in creating the platform is to unite people and companies interested in buying and selling mortgage loans in the real estate market. To achieve this, we plan on using additional marketing communication tools. We plan to continuously improve and enrich this platform with innovations. All additional functions will be implemented as planned over time. "

It should be noted that Marcom is preparing to launch another company's web platform in the coming days. The project is currently at the final stage.